Industrial Sophistication | Colombia 2017

At the beginning of the month we flew to Medellin in Colombia.  Two of our close friends were getting married out there – a Scotsman met a Colombian girl circa 2010 and the Celtic/Spanish fusion was born!
Whilst the focus of the trip was the Wedding, we couldn’t help but be inspired by the vibrant, fun and original colour combinations and patterns used to adorn the houses, walls and pavements of Colombian streets.

We expected bold colour statements – orange meets blue, pink meets yellow (and were not disappointed)..however it was the subtle, neutral and very sophisticated Colombian take on the industrial trend which caught our eye.  The El Poblado and Manila neighbourhoods in the heart of Medellin are great examples of this.  Coffee shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants all carried this cool, understated and laid back vibe.   Imagine a more tropical version of Melbourne or East London and you’d be pretty close to the mark.
Our top 5 recommended hotspots in Medellin
Cafe Velvet
The Blue House
Hija Mia
Back in London now and we plan to incorporate this relaxed design aesthetic into our collections.
Thank you Medellin, you were well worth the visit (and the jetlag).

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