someday sofas – designed and made in Britain

We’ve been working on our new sofa collection – one of our favourite tasks!  It’s such an enjoyable and exciting process to share our designs and vision with our makers and together create beautiful pieces of furniture. 

So on Tuesday, we travelled up from our London studio to our workshop, which is based in the capital of British upholstery – Long Eaton.  Here, you’ll find a hub of successful furniture manufacturers using long established techniques by the most skilled set of craftsmen.  Our workshop has over 20 years experience and prides itself on handcrafted, quality manufacturing.  From design through to frame making or the hand-sewn finishes, there is a person behind each process.  It’s always very humbling to meet such talented people, so specialised in what they do and working with such pride.

At the beginning of the day we shared our designs and talked in detail about each piece and how best to interpret our vision.  From there, we met with the makers to discuss the frames, arm detailing and the desired level of ‘sit’ – this is very important to us, every sofa needs to look great and at the same time be the most comfortable seat in the house.

We spent the rest of the day in the fabric room.  This can often be the hardest part!  With so many fabric houses, finishes, colours and textures to choose from it can be an overwhelming experience.  Often this decision making process is left up to the customer.   However, unlike other retailers we want to take the time to edit the choice of fabrics making the shopping experience as smooth as possible for our customers.  They can rely on the experts to select which fabrics work best on each sofa, leaving them to simply decide which colour (from a choice of colours) works best with their interior scheme.  Our customers can shop confidently, knowing that at each stage we have taken a very thoughtful and considered approach to all our designs.

With the day drawing to a close and a cup of tea in hand, we had a great sense of satisfaction.  We thrive on the creative process and feel proud to support and work with British artisans.   We are excited to see the first set of samples, to finally ‘meet’ our designs and further review, tweak and perfect the details before introducing each piece to our customers.   


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